Cook the salmon trout

A delicious fish, less caloric than its cousin the salmon, the trout is highlighted this Monday in the company of Julien Rodriguez, chef du restaurant the hotel’s revolving bridge and spa regent petite France in Strasbourg about France Bleu Alsacia

As every day, we expect all your recipes from 10:00 to

And try your luck at the Fridge Challenge! Every day at 10:50, our chef participates in your call “The Fridge Challenge”. The principle is simple:

  • open the door of your refrigerator
  • give 4 to 5 ingredients you have inside
  • en 2 minutes, le Chef présent en studio must imagine a reception based on the proposed products

Every day, if you are selected on the air, you participate in the super gift on Friday! A reporter this week

a set of 3 Japanese knives from the Sabatier brand offered par the CHR Alsace, cafes, hotels, restaurants, major actor with professionals in the mouth business, which now offers its services and products to individuals. From arts de la table, to furniture, to kitchen or pastry utensils, the teams of Souffelweyersheim and Colmar to advise and accompany you in your choice.

CHR Alsace


Le Heimbach, petite rivière dont water is of impeccable quality, is the playground of Philippe Billmann. For many years he has been offering rainbow trout and knight trout in his fish farming at the Heimbach springs in Wingen. Meeting with this enthusiast at 10:30

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