Cooking Notes by Laurence Duperthuy, Les Cours Culinaires have resumed at La Colle sur Loup

Laurence Duperthuy, a member of the Des Disciples d’Escoffier and a member of the technical committee of the Label Cuisine Nissarde has been installed. at the Glue on Wolf.

KITCHEN NOTES – Laurence Duperthuy wants an unconditional manner of Nice cuisine in which she has bathed since her earliest childhood. Trained at the Nice Hotel High School, she combines technique and tradition, and when she comes up with a recipe that she will teach you how to make, her eyes light up. In her workshop, the notion of sharing is essential and she encourages novices in their first awkward gestures to knead dough or cut onions that will lend themselves to the pissaladière.
To experience a course with Laurence Duperthuy is to live a parenthesis of gourmet happiness and conviviality. After making the plates, the apprentice cooks gathered around the table to enjoy and comment.
During the confinement, he developed a developed concept of connected course, which allows everyone to take a 2-hour course in the kitchen.
Discover his next workshops by logging on to his website:
During these Fêtes des Mères et des Pères, this is an original gift to give!

Cooking Note
Culinary workshops
Laurence Duperthuy
39 rue Yves Klein
06480 La Colle-sur-Loup

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