Cooking with children

Jean Sebastien received 3 recitations:

  • Surprise with tomatoes
  • Zucchini soup has kiri
  • And the famous yogurt cake

Our leader:

Jean Sebastien MENGIN, chef and owner of “Pissenlits” on rue des Pontes à Nancy

Our culinary expert

Pauline, pastry chef at “La maison dans le parc” the starred restaurant in Nancy, noi explained how to make chocos “bn”

Our trade

Every day when you see nearby buyers to discover the seasonal products. Today Lulu patron of “Huyar Primeur” at the central market of Nancy, we received the list of his products du Toulois, on the occasion of Lorraine is formidable which will take place in Toul at the end of the week. On the menu especially groseilles à 5euros le kg …

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