Cooking workshops for everyone

Quentin, for example, a former slate-galvanizer, has been disabled since an unfortunate accident that knocked him off a roof 3 years ago. If he goes to the cooking workshops, it’s first and foremost “to take care of a little” he said. For three hours a week, he is also welcome at the Croix-Rouge de Beauraing. For him and the others, these animations are a breath of fresh air. “It allows me to get out of my house” confirms Allan, a young job seeker, cutting vegetables a little further.

“These workshops have made it possible to bring out the know-how of everyone. It values ​​people in their role as citizens. They regain confidence in themselves.” , says Lorène Schmitt, a community health nurse at Houyet Medical Center. She is in charge of coordinating the team of the day.

Learn to eat well

“I teach them the basics of dietetics and in the meantime I teach cooking” , sums up the young woman. Next to her, Allan is cooking chickpeas for the first time. “I don’t like that too much” he admits. “Maybe with this recipe you’ll like it. With apples it looks great.” , she replies. At the end of the workshop and after tasting their dish, the participants return home with the recipe to reproduce. Those who cannot come to the workshop do not hesitate to contact Lorène to get her recipes.

And for now the team leader is supplying supermarkets, eventually she would like to collaborate with local actors such as the village market gardener “Les jardins d’Ame-Hour” and promotes the growth of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The kitchen workshop still has some good days ahead of it and hopes to unite more Houyetois in the coming months.


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