Cordes-Tolosannes. The “Discovering 18th Century Cuisine” workshop is complete

What did you eat 400 years ago? This is the question that will be answered at the culinary conference on Sunday, May 8, at Belleperche Abbey, at 3 p.m. Conferință animată by Sylvie Campech, archaeologist and kitchen historian, culinary columnist, lecturer, historical cooking teacher and cookbook writer.

It is from the 1650s that the culinary tastes of the modern era are established. The cooks are gradually abandoning the traditional cuisine of the Middle Ages and reinventing a “new cuisine”, simpler and more learned. The culinary workshop will immerse you in the gastronomic world of the Old Regime. Participants discover the vegetables in the way, the new kitchen funds, but also the ways of eating.

Seasonal and local produce, but also and already produce from elsewhere, from distant lands that lie beyond the seas and oceans. A tasting will be offered to immerse your senses in the flavors of the eighteenth century.

This workshop is complete, only for those already registered have had the opportunity to participate.

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