Corresponding kitchen: la salade d’été d’Antoinette Cambil de Fourques

All year round, correspondents reporting on village life. Today, they indulge and unveil their favorite recipe.

Antoinette Cambil was born in Espolla to a parent of Andalusian origin. She has lived there for only two years and the whole family comes to live in Fourques: “We are well received in this village. Solidarity was such that the people mobilized to look after us, our parents being hospitalized. Here was the sweetness of life. We were often on the street. I was part of the church choir. On the evening of December 31, carts and flower pots were transported to the village square. I had a happy childhood. “, she recalls. A little adventurous, she decides to take off and leaves Fourques. For 13 years, she worked in the commercial administration of a garage: “Administering was my training, sales, customer service, a real pleasure”. Antoinette wants to be the mistress of her professional future, leaves her job, returns to live in Fourques where she still resides: “I’m happy to be back in the village of my childhood and family. I’m buying a restaurant that I’m going to run and run for 10 years. “It’s a real treat for an epicurean who loves good things..

Then she decides to sell the restaurant and buy another one that she runs on the same principle. May 7 and after, “I feel like I’ve been around a bit, the work is great, but it’s stressful”. She then decides to sell the establishment and settles down a bit, finds a quieter job that suits her well, gets involved in the life of her village. “ I am lucky to be hired at the Thuir Tourist Office. Also participate in the operation of the store selling local products. A period in my professional life that I enjoy. A member of the Fourques Anim association, I preside over it for a season. Today, with the municipality, I am investing in fundraising for Ukraine “. She enjoys nature, outdoor sports activities:” I practiced climbing, today hiking “. Correspondent of The Independent, this mission allows him to contribute to communal life. Antoinette proposes the recipe for the summer salad that her mother made in the good season.

Ingredients for 6 people

1 kg of potatoes, 3 hard-boiled eggs, 1 grilled red pepper, 1 onion, 5 pickles, 1 can of 280 g natural tuna, green and black olives, homemade mayonnaise, salt, pepper.

The recipe

First, cook the potatoes and then mash them. Cut the peppers, onion, pickles and finally the sliced ​​eggs into small pieces.

Bathroom with bath, includes all ingredients, well mixed, decorated with egg slices, a few slices of pepper, black olives. Turn the verrines, add a fillet of anchovies. Serve fresh.

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