Côte-d’Or. Walking your dog, a ritual that cares for them “doing good”

François, 79 years old, owner of Max, 7 years old, says with a smile: “It’s more the dog that walks me.” “I’m alone with him, so Max is my companion.” He never leaves me. He knows the walking hours, he’s all excited when I take out the leash. And then, walking it makes me feel good. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of a bunch of things. In addition, we are in nature, it’s nice. These walks, I do them for him, for me, for the two of us. And then it allows me to meet other dog owners. But out of courtesy and correction, I’m not going to see young women, I’m going to talk to ladies my age instead, ”jokes our interlocutor.

“The dog is part of the family, I take care of it like a child.” These walks are real moments of well-being for her already, she needs them. I’ve always had dogs and so I’m always out with my dog. I can’t even imagine being naked …

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