couches. Sébastien Nouveau no longer wants to return “to the game of great gastronomy”

In the mid-1980s, the Norwegian pop group A-ha, already the author of the hit Take me decides to shoot the clip of his title Cry Wolf at the castle of Couches. A casting is organized on the spot to find a few extras. This is how a teenager, educated in the village, is chosen to make several video appearances. The boy, who later remembers having “bought his first cross-country bike” thanks to the stamp paid through production, did not insist on the path of cinema and preferred to focus on cooking, an area in which he excels. today.

“I don’t forbid anything”

At 46, Sébastien Nouveau is the chef of the restaurant Under the micocouliers , in Eygalières, southeast of Salon-de-Provence. “It’s the kitchen …

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