Covid-19: A responsible immunological deficit in close to a quarter of severe forms in vaccinated women

A study was conducted on a cohort of 48 patients, aged 20 to 80, who were severely critically ill following a Delta variant infection, despite a complete mRNA vaccine schedule. As Inserm said in a statement, “The idea was to rule out severe forms that may have developed as a result of a failed vaccination, in order to isolate and identify other factors. For various reasons (HIV infection, lymphoma, trataments immunosuppresseurs…), six patients had a defective vaccine response and were excluded from the study ”.

The results were published in the journal Immunology Science. Of these 42 people who had been vaccinated against Covid and had developed a severe form, 24% had an immune deficiency, that is, a dysfunction of the immune system. Concretely, these people had “Often antibodies that have been able to neutralize type 1 interferons”, these 17 proteins produced by cells to block virus replication.


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