Covid-19 Vaccine: Caregivers Reveal Overpaid by Health Insurance

Liberal caregivers who lent their professional card to volunteers for the registration of patients in vaccination centers received 5.40 euros for each act, in addition to their remuneration as employees of the center. (©

Frequently liberal caregivers would have touched thousands of euros over-perceived during the Covid-19 crisis for their participation aux vaccination campaigns.

“I received it.” more than 6500 euros of the CPAM (Primary Health Insurance Fund, ed) in a year, and none of that was due to me, ”he reveals to Eric *, a liberal nurse from Occitania.

He denounces one vide administratively on which the CPAM would have closed its eyes. A vacuum that would participate in the said of Health Insurance.

Eric doesn’t want to keep that money, the more he tells him to cheat inaction of the administration. The flaw: the registration of patients in the vaccination centers against the Covid-19.

Mysterious sums

In August 2021, Éric will appear in the account of the amount of 3,000 euros, paid by CPAM. “I called them, and they told me it was related to registration documents in the centers, ”says the nurse.

For a year, Eric lent her professional health book (CPS) to volunteers, who took care of recording patients on the computer.

The CPS card is required for all such recordings, and is held only by caregivers working in liberal. “Volunteers register patients under our name in using our card,” says Eric.

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The act of registering a patient is automatically paid, at a rate of 5.40 euros. In general, liberal nurses are paid on the spot. Now, in a vaccination center, they were employees. The two modes of remuneration should not have been combined.

In my center, there could be between 250 vaccinations a day at the lowest and up to 1,000 at the peak of the epidemic. But many of the nurses and doctors who performed them did not have a CPS card because they were not in liberal activity.

EricLiberal nurse

After a year of service in the center, there are no less than 6500 euros qu’Éric a vu appears on his own.

Wanted pay?

The Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie (CNAM), for its part, states that this remuneration was wanted :

As part of the Covid-19 vaccination in 2021, it was decided to remunerate healthcare professionals by entering information on people vaccinated against Covid-19. This flat-rate remuneration of 5.40 euros, for each patient reported, was established in order to enhance this essential work both administratively and medically.

In charge of communication Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie

But according to another source, who wishes to remain anonymous, the CPAM would have had difficulty in regulating payments made to the Liberals who registered patients with their CPS card, which led for some time to un capped payments.

“6,500 euros is nothing compared to others”, indicates this source from CPAM. According to her, some Liberals in the same situation as Eric would have received more than 10,000 euros per month.

When the CPAM realizes that they had paid far too much, they capped a maximum of 3,000 euros per month. I had checks, too, to make sure the payments weren’t too big.

CPAM interlocutor

This is confirmed by a CNAM communications officer: “This flat-rate remuneration was, however, capped, whether it is the amounts received per month (3,000 euros) or per day (270 euros) ”. It is not clear, however, from when these ceilings were put in place.

Overprints that are difficult to assess

With his department’s rights advocate, Eric calculated the overpayments paid by Health Insurance. In a vaccination center, up to 1000 injections per day. Multiplied by the number of centers in France, the amount could reach millions of euros. But this calculation is only a draft, because not all vaccination centers had the same operation.
In the one where Valérie *, a retired nurse, worked, young people looking for work took care of administrative tasks – not volunteers. The money earned for registration by CPS cardholders was donated directly to these young people at a rate of 40 euros per day. “Liberal nurses left a check every day to young people to give them that money,” she said.

Certain power centers

If Eric wasn’t aware of this additional remuneration, in other centers, the practice was well known. Marine *, a liberal nurse who was vaccinated at a center in Occitania, explains:

In my center, it was considered a bonus, an extra gain. The registration post was very popular! By the way, I only managed to get my CPS card once. People came early in the morning to make sure they were on the board.

MarineInfirmière libérale in a center in Occitanie

For Sophie *, on the other hand, who worked in Bordeaux, “the caregivers were absolutely unaware.”

Unsatisfactory reactions

When he saw the first sums paid into his account, Eric a appointed to CPAM.

When I said that this was not due to me, my interlocutor replied that they owed it to me, that it was the robot that was doing this. I was told that if it was related to my card, it was my responsibility.

EricLiberal nurse

Subsequently, seeing the payments continue, Eric sent two emails to the Health Insurance and recalled their standard. He then spoke to a chief accountant who advised him “of the report otherwiseby other means ”.

I just found it amazing to be told that when the problem comes from them! I haven’t received a response in several months.


Return the sums

Eric doesn’t know what to do with the money he received. He does not dare to touch itfor fear that the CPAM will one day claim it.

Do I pay it to volunteer associations, knowing that Health Insurance might ask me? Will I return it to the CPAM knowing that I will not be given any proof of my refund?


According to the anonymous interlocutor of the Health Insurance, “the CPAM cannot do anything; they were overwhelmed and the texts were done like that, in an emergency ”. She continued, “If caregivers want it.” return the sums received, they may still enter into private law contracts with vaccination centers. it would be a wayframe the remittance of money legally ”.

Pour Eric, it is necessary to stop the losses and what, immediately. “I want the Secu to make things clear to stop wasting money unnecessarily,” he says.

The nurse is preparing to work in a one-off vaccination center in Occitania. His manager confirmed to him that he would continue to be remunerated both on time and on the spot. tried to contact the other actors involved. So far, the ARS, the National College of Physicians and Nurses have not responded to our requests.

* First names have been changed

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