Covid – Omicron: contagious more than 10 days cu varianta XE, do we need to change the rules of isolation?

In fact, a vaccine should be isolated for 7 days in case of a positive test. More variants XE care threatens Europe stays longer in the body.

After Omicronet BA.2here it is variant XE. a recombinant of two strains of Omicron – BA.1 and BA.2 – advertised as “10% more contagious” than its predecessor. So much so that some scientists are announcing that this variant could become dominant by this summer.

What we know today is that the variant XE is more contagious than the BA.2, wrote lind last May 10. But, above all, it stays in the body longer, as Philippe Froguel, a geneticist at Imperial College London, explains: “We are more likely to pass it on, especially since today the isolation period is one week so this is a variant that has great potential to develop in the future.”.

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“It simply came to our notice then virus more opportunities to spread more widely “

Basically, with the variant XE, the patient is infected longer than with other variants. This is what Professor Denis Kinane, the founding scientist of Cignpost Diagnostics, a major UK provider of Covid tests. The dates for the variant XE show one PCR test positive for 10 days or more, much more than the usual 6 observed for the other strains, „Which means that the virus more opportunities to spread more widely “, he says in the Mirror columns. A professor who points the finger at a declining level of testing and sequencing. At issue is the end of the measures which, according to him, do not allow to fight against o variant with such characteristics.

A disease would thus be contaminating 10 days after the first premieres symptom and probably 3 or 4 days before the onset of the latter.

And if the traffic in France is still at “Low levels” (BA.2 represents 98.6% of the sequences that can be interpreted according to Santé Publique France in its bulletin of May 13), the question of the means undertaken arises. Like the sequencing to perfectly follow the evolution of this variant.

More isolation rules. With Omicron and BA.2, isolation is 7 days in the case of a complete vaccination schedule. A duration that would lose all its relevance in the face of the 14 days mentioned.


after the first symptoms, and probably 3-4 days before.

This makes it completely useless during the one-week isolation period in force today.

And, # SARS-CoV-2 not being seasonal (for those who do not follow), this #vag could break out in early summer.

– Xavier Hugonet (@XavierHugonet) May 10, 2022

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