CRF Conseils ensures son avenir across the Channel

The French courtier spécialiste de l’assurance de personnes ainsi que des risques financiers, fort de 2.8 M€ de chiffre d’affaires, becomes the first French acquisition of its British counterpart,…

CRF Conseils crosses at Manche. Detenu depuis 2016 by Didier Arminjon et Didier Seigneur, deux anciens d’AIG, le courtier d’assurances de personnes ainsi que des risques financiers, passes to the British group Howden Broking, for a montant demeuré confidentialiel. Ce dernier avait inaugurated in February dernier Howden France, à la tête duquel had d’ailleurs installed Nicolas Aubert, ex director d’AIG France. Thus, a first purchase is made in Hexagone, at the end of a pilot process by Financière de Courcelles. In addition to its geographic presence, the acquirer, which provides assurance and risk management services, also diversifies its expertise in the field of cyber security, but also to its clientele. CRF Conseils, which generated revenues of around €2.8 M last year, travaille en (…)

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