criticism of the show’s numerous reruns led her to file a complaint

This is an unforgettable trio of Nightmare in the kitchen. Severina, Melanie et Mylene are sisters, (twins for the last two). Endowed with three completely different temperaments, these had given the thread to twist to Philippe Etchebest, moved to Sénas (Bouches-du-Rhône) for the occasion. The famous chef of M6 then had a social mission above all: to rabibocher this siblings who no longer understood each other to improve the dynamics of the restaurant. Two years have passed since the end of filming. Mélanie, la cuisinière, we give her news in this interview.

Télé : How is your restaurant?

Melanie: Two years later, we are still open, with quite a few passages. There are still jealous people who leave us with bad reviews on Google or TripAdvisor, saying that it is inedible, disgusting, and that we should be ashamed of having done it. Nightmare in the kitchenwhile they never came to eat there …

How do you explain it, despite your good grades on specialized sites?

Well among them, there are comments that we would do well! We are even criticized on our physics. These are false accounts. You can see it by clicking on the profile, often there is only one subscriber… But we did it. I know what I’m doing, all the good will I put into it… We only have fresh produce. I have nothing to complain about, even though I confess that all these negative remarks were not anticipated by participating in the show. More as they are often rebroadcast (three times in two years: in February and October 2021, then in April 2022, ed), this restarts the attacks on each show. And yet we did not do it for glory. The chief says so. It had been asked not to be broadcast. We didn’t want to make a fuss, just save our restaurant and improve our relationship with my sisters.

What did you read about yourself?

We were attacked directly on our physique, we were told we could go throw ourselves from the top of a bridge, do cosmetic surgery… It was very, very far away. Pe a property obviously filed a complaint with the gendarmerie. But it was known that it would be filed without action and that is the case. Now we live with it, we haven’t reached it anymore.

If needed, do you have psychological follow-up?

Yes, before, during and after the show. The psy called us to see if we had enjoyed the broadcast, with all the feedback we received. Personally, I told him: ‘that’s how it is‘. We get criticized, but she can’t do anything about it …

Do you still have links with Philippe Etchebest or the production of the show today?

Not at all, not even the leader. He never came back. Besides, people always ask me the question! He was asked to come see us, but we still have no answer.

What impact on your participation in the nightmare in the kitchen of your restaurant?

I’ll be honest with you, as I am with all my clients, the only thing they’ve changed about us is putting on an apron and a jacket. Otherwise, we haven’t changed anything in the kitchen. There are customers who come to say that she is the best who is the best because the chef is gone. But we haven’t changed anything! Like what, it’s mostly psychological!

And on your turnover?

In a period of time, when they are difficult with closures. We were unable to adapt as other restaurateurs were able to do with the takeaway. Suddenly, we lost a lot. Then with the reopening in the summer of 2020, pe a very well worked. On the other hand, I would like to point out that we have not doubled our turnover, as mentioned at the end of the episode. We just had a lot better work that summer, increasing our revenue by 30%. In fact, every time the President spoke, there was a drop and then a small increase. It had become a cycle … But now, everything is fine.

What is your relationship with your twin Mylène and your elder Séverine today?

Today it is getting better. We have a lot of ideas for the show. There are exchanges that are not seen on the air, but when the chef spoke to all 3 of us, in the show it lasted ten minutes when in reality it was for 2 hours. We had received a message from our mother, asking us to stop tearing ourselves apart. Inevitably, these are striking words that strike us, that we keep in memory, and that push us to change.

Comment Do you consider the future of your restaurant?

For now, everything is fine. The very good season began in April-May. Currently, we have gone down a bit, but that’s normal, now that we can travel freely again. I understand people! We are desperately looking to recruit more people who are between 20 and 25 years old and we say “He wants 2300 euros and it’s 25 or 30 hours”I tell them they are crazy (laughs). And then when we tell them that we ourselves do not receive that amount, we have the right to “this is not our problem”. But we manage to do that, and I hope that will continue for a long time to come.

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