Criticized for rates deemed too high, a vet slaps him

Criticized for rates deemed too high, a vet slaps him

It’s on a Linkedin page that veterinarian Nicolas Layachi has decided to give a real slap in the face to the public. A necessary post.

Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine has a cost. And while it is never nice to spend hundreds of euros on veterinary medicine, it is often essential to ensure the good health of your pet.

On the social network Linkedin, the veterinarian Nicolas Layachi came on the recent call of a client who found his rates too expensive. The purpose of this “mouthful”? Highlight reality and open the eyes of pet owners.

“This world is crazy”

In her post, the veterinarian explains how it all started: a woman contacted for information about sterilizing a pussy. He communicates the necessary information, dont le prix. The woman then begins to get annoyed and explains that the rate is far too high, so she will go elsewhere.

“Damn Monday! You’d like to skip straight on Friday so you don’t have to wait all week for your regenerating rest. You don’t know if he deserves it, but what you are sure of is that you would not be able to sleep for a fortnight without a break as in your youth. Fortunately, you have learned to preserve yourself over time. This world is crazy. People want you to be available all the time, not to make mistakes, to be top notch, smiling, and most of all, free. At this rate, we will end up with a two-speed veterinary medicine. A true quality medicine for the only people who are well-mannered, educated, polite, respectful and silver. A cheap and low quality medicine for all the others. »

And to conclude with an indispensable message: “In what language should it be said: respect and protect your doctors as well as your veterinarians.” You will always need it one day. Don’t disgust them with their job, and give them the means to do it right. »

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