Cuisine bleue et design for a small apartment of 27m2

Si cet appartement à Madrid, result de la renovation d’un bar ne fait que 27m2, l’élégance et la confort n’ont pas été oubliés. The architect Carlos Olmeda of COArquitectura is not disturbed by the project staff, a place intended for the location in the courtyard is made, with a relatively high budget, but well provided with perfect finishes. The blue kitchen and design is without a doubt the strong element of this small apartment of 27m2, with rather neutral and consensual decorations.

Le bois fait également partie de ce projet qui reste ambitieux malgré la petite surface, because ce type logement doit être attractant pour le plus possible de personnes afin conservaire sa profitability. L’espace chambre is separated by a cloister in clear wood, which allows the light to pass through while preserving a certain intimacy. It is completed by an office, in the same volume, a small living room, and completes the blue kitchen and design and son coin repas. On the surface it is well exploited, and enough personality to stand out in a court terme location market, without being more original. Photo: Carla Capdevila

Blue kitchen and design for a small apartment of 27 m2

Although this apartment in Madrid, which is the result of the renovation of a bar, is only 27 m2, elegance and comfort have not been forgotten. Architect Carlos Olmeda of COArquitectura, whose project is his, created a short-term rental place with a relatively tight budget, but of course with perfect finishes. The blue, designer kitchen is undoubtedly the strongest element of this small 27 m2 apartment with a rather neutral and consensual decor.

This project also includes wood, which remains ambitious despite the small area, as this type of accommodation must be attractive to as many people as possible to remain profitable. The bedroom area is separated by a light wooden screen, which allows light to pass through while maintaining a certain degree of privacy. It is completed by an office, in the same volume, a small living room, and finally the blue design kitchen and its dining area. The space is well used, and has enough personality to stand out on a short-term rental market, without being too original. Photo: Carla Capdevila

Source: AD Magazine

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