“Cuisine Sauvage” ballads mix botany and gastronomy for a relationship with nature

The Cuisine Sauvage association discovered the richness of nature through workshops and walks.

In our industrialized world, we tend to forget where the food on our plate comes from. If a return to the premises and raw food is noticeable in some of the wealthiest households, there are still only a few exceptions. Culinary education could be the beginning of a re-appropriation of food, of a reconnection with nature et better control of his health.

The asbl Sauvage kitchen is in full swing in this process since it proposes to discover the edible wild plants. She highlights the many BENEFITS of a diet partly composed of these foods.

In addition to discovering different flavorswild plants are full of virtue and have no negative impact on the environment. The process of finding them is in itself a path to the reconnection to the earth and the real. The association also promotes the values ​​of biodiversity and seasonality.

Concrete, Wild Cuisine offers group walks to the discovery of edible plants. These take place in several provinces, from Namur in Liège, passing through Mons and Walloon Brabant, not to mention the surroundings of Brussels between March and November every weekend. They run two and a half hours and accepts children from 12 years. Count 9 euros for a walk or 32 euros for one “pass 4 seasons ” which includes four seats for rides.

And then, if you feel like your own circuit, Wild Kitchen creates a circuit tailor-made in your region and organizes a walk edible plants specifically for your group. Regorge d ‘association websiterecipe ideas with wild plants but also from botanical records et other picking tips.

In the 2022 season, an already well started, nevertheless reservations are always possible.

For more information: The association’s website Sauvage kitchen : https://cuisinesauvage.org/

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