[CUISINE SAUVAGE] When elderflowers are enjoyed!

Le fleurs de sureau have received the title of “vanilla du pauvre” and are very popular for desserts. Fresh, we can then prepare: donuts, syrup, lemonade, jelly, liqueur, sorbet and ice cream and dry them for our future winter herbal teas.

The sambucus nigra, from its Latin name, is widespread in Franche-Comté. Birds, fond of its autumn berries, sow its seeds everywhere, and make it an easy-to-find shrub on the edges of forests, in groves. As elderberry is a medium-sized tree, it is easy to pick up its umbels, they remain within reach.

Its flowering period is short, barely a month on May-June and it is an appointment not to be missed. Delicate elderberry umbels have a powerful scent, which will surely make you want to try them in one of these recipe ideas.

Elderberry then gives you a second date, in late summer, with its black clusters, heavy with fruity and juicy berries, which are accommodated in delicious jams and syrups and can also complement the same recipes, to provided they are cooked.

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