Cuisine: What type of salt is best for your dishes? The answer!

of Rino Gallo

Fine salt, coarse salt or salt flower? You are now able to choose the most suitable for your dishes.

It’s no secret that salt is essential to everyone’s life and food balance. “We need it every day, but it must be consumed reasonably and in the right dose.” It is a crystallized, friable, water-soluble natural substance composed of 60% chloride and 40% sodium, ”says Magali Cros-Roig, a dietitian in Paris.

If you can’t take any caloric value and don’t take a gram, you still have to know how to use it properly… In fact, if you find a poisson au four or a viande à la poêle, when you’re not using it. will not be the same. We tell you more below!

Here’s what type of payment to choose:

The only fine

The fine salt makes it possible to rely on frying and seasoning by heart, improving the cohesion of the elements that make up the composition of pasta or pastries. Of practical use for fish, vegetables and meats, the fine salt gives them a more homogeneous coloration, a better juiciness and a concentration of aromas. It also balances the seasonings and softens the bitter flavors.

The big salt

Used in cooking water, coarse salt is perfectly suited for long cooking such as bouillons. Engaged in the preservation of charcuteries, it also serves to prepare it for freezing. This helps to better preserve the fish and tighten the flesh. Coarse salt is also an incomparable cooking medium for four methods: salt crust, ideal for fish, meat or vegetables, salt paste for cooking whole vegetables, or cooking on a salt pan. sea ​​for unilateral cooking of fish or salt steam for instant cooking.

The salt flower

Thanks to its crunchiness, the salt flower reveals the ingredients and the subtlety of the flavors. She is at
adds at the last minute for a dish information.

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