Data pathologies, data de l’Assurance Maladie in datavisualisation and open data

L’Assurance Maladie launches a new site that has met its data sur les pathologies in France available to the general public.

Interactive explorer of data on pathologies in France: it is said that the ambition of the site is the data pathology that comes from lancer l’Assurance Maladie. What new service met with the dispositions of health actors and the general public data from care des pathologies des Français, analyzed every year in the form of a medical medical cartography.

These dates cover about fifty pathologies, chronic treatments and episodes of care: diabetes, acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, acute stroke, breast cancer, lung cancer, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, anxiolytic treatments, maternity … They made it possible, for example, to identify the reimbursed expenses allocated to each of the pathologies identified. Or to know the number of patients cared for for these different pathologies.

Entry by pathologies, entry by territory

For Health Insurance, the use of data visualization is synonymous with the best visibility: “the information is now presented in the form of interactive infographics, once for 2020 and over five years (between 2015 and 2020), to show the evolution. ”

Two main entrances facilitate navigation: the first by pathologies, the second entry by territory allows to have a regional and departmental vision and to make comparisons between territories or in relation to the national situation.

The site also allows you to search by criteria: prevalence, enrollment, expenses, age, gender, etc. Data pathologies presents new data on patients hospitalized for Covid-19.

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