David Guion soon confirmed on the bench in Bordeaux

Bordeaux leaders have given themselves time to think, they have explored multiple options after the club’s relegation to Ligue 2, but they have made the choice of stability: David Guion will be on the bench for the Girondins for an additional year. . The news was announced on Friday afternoon by Score Agencies, the agent company that represents the 54-year-old technician. In fact, according to our information, the contract has not yet been signed. But it’s only a matter of time.

Towards a renewed staff

Basically, Bordeaux leaders had considered separating from their coach, in place since early February. He prefers to take on another coach and a renewed staff, and retire on several tracks, especially those meant for Jean-Marc Furlan (Auxerre) and Omar Daf (Sochaux). But Guion corresponded to the typical profile sought in their quest for immediate rise in L1: that of a man who already knows L2, able to launch young people from the training center, which he has already done at the Stade de Reims .

On the other hand, he will be engaged in a new team technique. Only Deputy André Monteiro could escape a start. For his part, Admar Lopes will remain in the role of technical director, but should be assisted by a deputy in charge of managing the group.


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