De l’ombre à la lumière, comments on the show Top Chef changed the life of Cuersois chef Pascal Barandoni

He became a chouchous des amoureux de Top Chef. Unknown to the general public a few months ago, a 21-year-old from Cuers, Pascal Barandoni, is now a kitchen star. Winner of the show Objectif Top Chef, eg M6, is included in a Top Chef show in Philippe Etchebest’s brigade, star chef and best worker in France. Far less experienced than his opponents, the youngest in the competition, especially at the Anne-Sophie Pic high school in Toulon, a surprise from week to week and a surprise of several rounds of the jury. Le Varois, France’s best apprentice in 2020, was eliminated in the quarterfinals. “It’s one of my best culinary experiences, and I’m really looking forward to it. ”

Chef now a restaurant in Cuers

Since his adventure in Top Chef, Pascal Barandoni has become a chef, happily Arnaud Bouxirot, the restaurant Le Mas du Lingousto à Cuers, where he comes from. He is also highly sought after by the media. The cook recognizes that, “this visibility puts us at the top of the podium and if there hadn’t been a Top Chef I don’t think I’ll be there today“A popularity he feels every day at the restaurant.”The beginning to see the reverse of Top Chef in relation to customers. There are people who come to enjoy my cooking, to see me, to take pictures. He talks to me a lot about Top Chef and it’s true that people are curious when they see someone from their village, from their neighborhood on TV, they are interested and they ask a lot of questions. “

The terrace of the Mas du Lingousto in Cuers. © Radio France
Luc Chemla

“Last time I ran ten minutes, I was called four times.”

A notoriety that must be managed in private. “When we were at Top Chef, we were prepared by saying ‘be careful, you’ll see, it’s going to be very different you’re going to have a little notoriety’ “. Pascal confides. “We didn’t think it would be that much. Today I go to MacDo, I go to make my bread or go shopping, I am often questioned. Last time I ran 10 minutes, I was called four times. When you go from shadow to light, it’s true that sometimes it’s scary to be recognized on the street. It’s complicated sometimes, but after all, after being called for an event, you can have the chance to work with people you’ve never worked with before, so it’s really a pleasure. And people are very kind. ”

“Before, I had worries about finding staff, today I get resumes almost every day” – Restaurant Owner

For his part, Rocco Briglia, the owner of Mas du Lingousto, also remarks on the difference between Pascal’s arrival. “I had a new, younger clientele. As for the staff, before I had worries about finding staff. Since he has been there, I am in abundance of staff, I have daily requests, I receive resumes almost every day. It’s the Barandoni effect, it works with a known person, who has ambition, it gives ambition to others. “ After Top Chef, Pascal Barandoni now sees great. His next goal is to win a Michelin star.

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