Dedicated school bullying insurance

41% of French people say they have been the victim of bullying.

The “Marion the Outstretched Hand” association is launching Kolibri, an insurance against the risk of bullying and cyberbullying, in partnership with Wakam.

Quatre Français sur dix have been victims of violence in the school context, in a repeated manner over a long period of time, according to an Ipsos barometer conducted for the Marion la main tendue association. This scourge of society has taken on a new dimension in the age of social media. To support the victims, the association “Marion the outstretched hand” Lance Kolibri, an unprecedented insurance product, co-built with the insurer Wakam.

Legal protection and e-reputation

For 18 euros for a child, this insurance allows you to have access to a telephone payment of 70 people who guide families. Kolibri also includes a legal protection guarantee (up to € 1,000 in legal fees) and an e-reputation shield, which allows you to clean up traces of harassment on social media (up to € 1,000 in fees). Victims of harassment also benefit from dedicated therapeutic support (support for 10 sessions of psychologist, sophrologist and nutritionist, up to 60 euros per session). Finally, Kolibri offers a school support component (up to € 1,800 in home classes for children with school phobia).

For claims management, Wakam works with Legicall, a company specializing in legal protection. In order to be able to trigger the insurance, Wakam is asking for a trusted third party to come and attest to the harassment. A complaint, a handcuff, or a letter from a psychologist or doctor is enough.

« We decided to buy this insurance at a reasonable price. If Wakam ever makes a margin, it will be donated to the Marion Association. For each product sold, we donate 1.5 euros to the Association for the Financing of Reception Homes for Children Victims of Violence Denis Thaeder, director of Wakam’s mission, explains.

For schools and families

Initially, the insurance is distributed to private schools by DCB, Wakam’s partner broker, in the form of a group contract, for the benefit of all students in the school. The insurance can be written individually for families through The aim of the Wakam association is to reach 50,000 and 100,000 beneficiaries in 18 months. At the moment the product is sold individually, but tomorrow Wakam is not forbidden to offer it backed by other types of coverage such as school or home insurance.

« Wakam has become a mission company, and as part of our commitments, we have the ambition that solidarity and citizen products represent between 1 and 3% of our turnover over the next three years. Our raison d’être is to make insurance transparent and impactful Says Denis Thaeder, director of Wakam’s mission.

For her part, Marion la mainte tense applied for registration in the Orias register in order to be able to distribute Kolibri insurance directly, as well as other psycho-school insurance to accompany children in need. Her general delegate, Nora Fraisse, lost her 13-year-old daughter, who was harassed in 2013. Before creating the association in memory of her daughter, Nora Fraisse worked for Coface for 11 years as a marketing product manager.

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