Dependency insurance 2022: comparison and rates

As life expectancy increases, the issue of dependency is affecting more and more families and is costly for the descendants of those affected and for the community. Underwriting insurance allows you to face certain costs face to face.

Article definition, dependency insurance is first and foremost an insurance policy. This means that it is underwritten by betting that the benefit it entails will be required one day or another. In other words, a dependency insurance contract provides for the payment of a sum in the form of rent or capital, which helps families to finance dependency and the intervention of professionals, for example an elderly relative. .

But if the beneficiary of the dependency insurance never finds himself in a situation of dependency, the benefit provided will not be paid under the principle of risk sharing. On the other hand, if a family decides to sign one life insurance addiction option for a loved one who is at risk of becoming addicted, she circumvents this limit. In fact, it is the loss of autonomy that triggers the payment of a part of the sums that will be paid in any case either on the death of the beneficiary (if the main guarantee of the contract is the death), or on his departure to retirement (if the main guarantee is retirement).

they the duck of a dependency insurance, and therefore the amount of the contributions paid by the policyholder, are not determined in advance. They depend first on the age of the beneficiary of the contract: the later a dependency insurance contract is taken out, the higher the risk of losing autonomy, and therefore the higher the cost. Most naked addiction insurance contracts cannot be taken out after about 75 years.

The other criteria are the level of coverage that is required and the amount of the benefit to the payer of the title of dependency insurance. All these parameters are compiled by the insurer, which then refers to a tariff grid: the latter are divided into six groups that take into account the physical and psychological criteria that allow to define several levels of dependence.

Before choosing a dependency insurance, it is important to find out exactly about the proposed benefits, the general amounts of applications … Newspapers and associations regularly carry out comparative of these contracts.

More than any potential surscripteurs can make comparisons. It is then a matter of taking into account the age of the beneficiary, his state of health, trying to assess whether he is in a state of total or partial dependence, or the risks that it is important to cover.

The main difference between a dependency insurance contract and a life insurance is that life insurance can be taken out at any time in life without pursuing a particular purpose. The money can be released in the case of life risk insurance in the form of a life annuity to be reinvested, for example, in a real estate purchase.

Conversely, dependency insurance is only received by the beneficiary if the loss of autonomy is proven. Besides, melife insurance can be taken in case of life at the end of the contract, or in case of death, which allows to designate a beneficiary who will receive the benefits provided at the time of death of the subscriber of the contract.

It is possible to subscribe to one life insurance with dependency option. This means that the loss of autonomy is not the only criterion that determines the payment of the planned benefits. A beneficiary of a life insurance with dependency option to receive the rent provided for under thelife insurance even if he is not in a situation of loss of autonomy.

In general, thelife insurance with dependency option is to provide that part of the amount capitalized on the risk of life or risk of death will be used to offset a loss of autonomy. By activating this option, the subscriber agrees to receive this some arrears in the form of a life annuity.

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