des cuisines sur measure with the Jeveuxunecuisine company based in Béziers

Jeveuxunecuisine is well named since this company based in Béziers, allows to design your kitchen from A to Z. No need to go shopping, sales people go to their customers’ homes. This allows you to take measurements directly on the spot and see the rendu des échantillons with the real brightness of the interior of the house.

Interview with the manager of this company, Laurent Polain.

With your company, is it possible to create a tailor-made kitchen?

Yes. Customers connect with us and we design the kitchen according to their request. You don’t have to go to a store. We go to meet the customer in their house.

What’s the point of going home and they don’t have to go to the store?

The first interest is that we will be able to be inspired by the place and organize the kitchen according to their way of life, to the kitchen environment etc. We will also be able to really put the samples in correlation with the floor, the brightness of the room so that it really sticks to reality. So when it’s in a showroom, and you pick up certain colors and fix yourself in a different environment, the light doesn’t appear in the same shape.

Does it also avoid measurement errors?

Measures are taken from the start. Not after the purchase, but already before the concept, in order to best fit the kitchen in relation to the real dimensions.

Designing a kitchen from home takes less time for customers to go to the store?

Customers do not need to travel to the showroom more than once. Since we work the concept in our offices, the customer is not blocked 4, 5, 6 hours. It’s much faster for him.

When you say bespoke cooking, can you meet all expectations? Or is it still necessary to choose from models that already exist?

Non. We are not attached to a single kitchen manufacturer. On one dozens of partnerships with different manufacturers. So we can really answer all the questions, whether specific or traditional. It can be oak, it can be glass facades, it can be ceramic.

Jeveuxunecuisine is based in Béziers. Can you be called all over the Hérault?

Yes of course. We even work all over France. On several collaborators between Nîmes, Montpellier, Béziers, Perpignan and other regions. But the heart of our business, for the time being, is really developing on the Hérault and the Gard.

Is it cheaper too?

roughly, you have to count between 15 and 25% less compared to the cook with a sign with a gable on the street.

You have to count just how many euros for a classic kitchen ordered from you?

So there, it can range from 3,000 to 50,000 euros. It all depends on the size of the piece, the customer’s requests. There are no limits.

From the first rendezvous where you go on the spot until the kitchen is finished. How long is the deadline?

It will depend on the responsiveness of the customer. From the moment we contacted and moved to take the measurement and discuss the project with the client. For our part, we are quite reactive. It will be said that within 48 hours, the client already has a first project and after that, it is reworked until it really adapts to his desires and needs. After order, with pause, it is at least seven weeks. And depending on the demand, it can go up to ten.

More information on the Jeveuxunecuisine website.

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