Digital transformation and open innovation, the winning combo of BH Assurance

In 2020, BH Assurance launched Wininti at 1 p.m.ERE digital platform in the insurance sector available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. From now on, it develops and accompanies local products that are useful to its members.

Innovate for local products

Since the rollout of its digital transformation strategy, BH Assurance has made a point of transforming the insurance industry by innovating for a better customer experience. This is how WININTI, the first digital platform in the insurance sector in Tunisia, was born 2 years ago. Since then, WININTI by BH Assurance has provided more than 15,000 benefits of 100% digitized insurance services such as car insurance, multi-risk home insurance or travel insurance. Members can also track their health care expenses, retirement savings plan, declare their claim or simply check their insurance portfolio.

Wininti ne s’arrête pas là: in order to respond to the many requests from its members, the mobile application is now presented in the AppStore. Wininti is thus available in 3 versions:

– Web version:

– mobile version on the Play Store:

– Mobile version on the AppStore:

A complete protection that covers everyday products

“The customer is at the heart of our strategy: listening, consulting, service and most importantly after-sales service,” said Ms. Dalila. Convinced that digital can improve the daily life of its members, BH Assurance develops and accompanies the most well-established products nearby. It is in this capacity that a team of about fifteen employees has been dedicated, since 2018, to the simplification, democratization and popularization of the various insurance coverages.

From 2021, the strategy of digital transformation of a new tournament with the development of the first open innovation process tested with an insurance start.

As such, BH Assurance today announced the official launch, in partnership with Startup Garanty, of the first affinity insurance products. The startup benefits from the network and the support of the insurance, which makes BH Assurance a true hub of innovation.

From June 2022, members will be able to insure their smartphones and glasses thanks to Garanty. Warranties may also open to display, glass, or mounting cases, as well as intervention and telephone support techniques. The guarantee will allow you to insure other everyday things such as multimedia or household appliances in a few months. For more information:


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