Dijon / Ahuy. Flavie Poncet launches her herbivorist food-bike for her vegetable kitchen proposal

At the age of 29, Flavie Poncet proves that she has it under her sole by launching her vegetable cooking business, Herbivorist. It’s with a food-bicycle – un vélo tout équipé, tailor-made in Annecy (Haute-Savoie) – with a trip to northern Dijon on May 10, to propose ses petits plats confectionnés without any animal products.

“I want to democratize this cuisine, show that it’s not just green salad, discover the richness of its flavors,” said the young woman, who set up her laboratory in the Toison d’Or district.

“A healthy and quick alternative to sandwiches”

Bibimbap (bowl of rice with vegetables and sea tofu), Laks (coconut milk vegetables, lemongrass and fresh herbs), strawberry pie, cinnamon buns or even appetizer boards – vegetable, of course, to book for the weekends – are à la carte with order rates € 9 for the dish and € 14 for the full menu.

“My style? Rather world cuisine, based on …

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