Dirac: A giant (and private) training camp for hunting dogs

Denis Joseph.

Photo by Julie Desbois

Welcome to the Enclosure du Perchet, in the middle of the Dirac forest. 80 hectares. More or less dense woods, meadows, expanses of almost impassable scrub, paths …

Denis Joseph.

Denis Joseph.

Photo by Julie Desbois

Welcome to the Enclosure du Perchet, in the middle of the Dirac forest. 80 hectares. More or less dense woods, meadows, almost impassable expanses of scrub, hilly paths, a vast wetland. A totally private green paradise transformed into a hunting reserve. “It must be said” hunting park ‘ », corrects the master of the place, 62 years old, child of Ronsenac. This former carpenter is the craftsman of this titanic project, unique in Charente, built in all discretion for three years.

The owner's house is inside the park.

The owner’s house is inside the park.


“Le Perchet, to put it simply, is a great gym for dogs.” We come here to credit our animal, train it, teach it to hunt. Here you enter without a rifle, without a cartridge. We don’t kill anything “, CV, jovial, Denis Joseph, on a walk on his property in search of the client of the day and his pack. They are “Somehow part” behind the trees. On the lookout for game, chosen and introduced by the owner of the estate. “There are nine deer, five wild boar, five or six hares”he lists as wild animals emerge on the horizon, at the end of the woodpecker, and cross the meadow at the speed of light. “Look over there, you pig.” And a deer on the other side, ” he points out. In the process, the unharmonious sound of the hunter’s horn on their tracks disturbs the calm of the forest. It is prolonged by the barking of dogs. Which in turn show the snout.

It is almost in the public interest to regulate a species that does very great damage.

Other ideas for the development of the park’s activity

The seven French Bruno Saint-Hubert – imposing common dogs from Savoy – by Diracois Pierre-Henri Moreau are panting and full of drool. In pursuit of the wild boar but especially not the deer. “It’s our choice to train our dogs on wild boars.” I’m coming here for that, ” explains the hunter, a lover of a breed “Stronger and more instinctive to hunt this type of game”. “It simply came to our notice then. We are regulating a species that is doing a lot of damage, ” added Régis Moreau, Pierre-Henri’s father, stationed away from the pack, in a position of lookout.

The interest of Denis Joseph’s hunting park, the Moreaux defend, is that a hunter who knows how to hunt can train his dogs and train his puppies all year round. Private ownership allows data to be opened and closed. This is not to say that here, in a vacuum, there is no law that applies. The regulations are even particularly strict: it is therefore necessary that the fence meets precise standards, the dwelling house of the landlord must be located within the park, the killing is prohibited during and after the beatings. . If these conditions are not met, the enclosure will not be officially approved.

“My job is not just to make the site available to customers (for about € 50 half a day ed.). I am here to help the travelers and the desire to develop the skills of the dogs, the counselor », adds Denis Joseph. His wife, Marie-Noëlle, 56, has other ideas in mind to develop the activity that does not make the couple live. This game park, because it is closed and the animals that populate it are listed, could also become a mic paradise for leisure clubs, why not schools. For the first time at the end of the month, one “Festival of rurality” will be organized there (read box). “It’s a very diverse flora, supports Denis Joseph in presenting the many varieties present. We can go there in search of animal tracks. ”. And take advantage of the passage of the twenty or so dogs of the Joseph family gathered on the estate.

Gerard, astonished at an almost domestic boar.

Gerard, astonished at an almost domestic boar.

Repro CL

To meet this new challenge, it remains to convince the reluctant. Especially those who care about being environmentalists. Denis Joseph was able to measure when it was installed, Charente Nature, questioned by a reserve-looking site, protested against the project. “We are also true environmentalists”he defends, reminding once again that one does not kill at the Perchet. “Except for wild boars when they’re too big, too old, and potentially aggressive.”. Gerard, a walker, can attest that the current occupants of the Dirac Forest are quite harmless. On the other side of the fence, a few days ago, he fed one of the specimens, like a pet.

A celebration of rurality on June 26

The event is orchestrated by the FACCC 16, the Federation of Associations of Hunters of Common Dogs of the Charente. For the first time, on June 26, the Enclos du Perchet hosts a “rural festival”. They have a program, on the ring, for the presentation of the multiple packs. About fifty crews of 5 to 25 dogs. Both stop dogs and common dogs. Fédérations de chasse et de pêche will also spend the day in the game park to present their activities. There will also be on the spot, a story to attract a family audience, wider than that of hunters, a farmers market and a village of artisans. “All local actors will be represented,” said Florian Léger, FACCC President16.

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