Discover the dog breeds that need to have their hair cut

Each dog breed has a number of characteristics that differentiate the performance of others. This is why it is essential to know your pet in order to understand what needs and health care you need to do in order not to.

One of these treatments is focused on their personal hygiene, more accurate on their fur. With the arrival of high temperatures, many people think that the ideal for their pet is to make a good cut, which can better cope with the new season. But you should know that every year the sun is stronger and exposing the skin directly to the sun’s rays can be very dangerous.

That’s why we’re going to give you some tips on how to protect your dog from the sun. Every dog ​​breed is different and what may be good for some may be very bad for others.

The reality is that their coat (hair) protects their skin from all seasons and this is the main reason why some naked breeds need to be groomed. However, there are others that need a good cut hair to avoid knots or to keep them cooler.

Before this list, we recommend, if you are thinking about your dog toilet, to consult a veterinarian or toilet, because no one knows your dog better than them.

Breeds of dogs whose hair you can cut

It is one of the most popular breeds in dog shows due to its coat, which allows for different cuts. Its coat varies throughout its life, especially in medium-sized poodles; they begin to curl around the age of 9 months. He will not have his adult coat until the age of one and a half to two years.

As indicated on the Nubika animal website, when you have a mug, you need an ideal call for an expert in mowing dogs to keep their coat strong, shiny and healthy. Since this is a breed that does not change, it is necessary to remove its dead hair.

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This is another breed of dog that has hair all year round. So you need to trim them two or three times a year, but not shave them. A cocker should be accustomed from an early age to the daily routine of brushing his coat. Although it may seem superfluous given that the coat is so short in the puppy, when the dog is an adult, a daily brushing of the coat is imperative if the dog is to be neat and without knots. In addition, the cocker’s coat grows very fast.

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Like the cockerel, this breed has a coat that lasts all year round, and it is necessary to trim it about twice a year to avoid annoying knots. However, it is essential to keep the fur of these dogs and make it possible. Le Pelage du Teckel should not be shaved, as this can lead to animal health problems.

There are also other breeds such as the fox terrier, the Maltese bichon, the airedale terrier or the yorkshire that need to be bred several times.

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