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Rue du Commerce sales: often weeks of discounts on SEB machines

The SEB group has some of the biggest names in home appliances. Rowenta, Calor, Moulinex… All these brands are known for their reliability of appliances. With quality being priced, their purchase is often a hefty budget.

That’s why the sales are particularly attractive this year. From June 22 to July 19, Rue du Commerce has planned huge discounts, and there are many regarding SEB’s equipment. Online discounts can even reach -50%. How to boost the value for money of a good number of appliances.

If sales run out by July 19, rebates will always be offered within the limit of available stocks. Given the drop in prices on some products, you will not have to train to grab the device you need.

A selection of the best deals during sales Rue du Commerce

In the face of dozens of good plans for them, a selection is a must. did you find:

  • The Rowenta RH6821WO broom vacuum cleaner costs € 129.99 instead of the € 269 battery provided: a cordless vacuum cleaner with up to 45 minutes of battery life. It will be suitable for cleaning large dwellings. The dust tank is easy to access and empties in the blink of an eye, without the need to remove the tube. Its battery offers you an extra 45 minutes of cleaning.
  • At Calor YY4955FC steam engines from € 279 to € 499: the device provides a driver in just 2 minutes. When ready, the calorie boiler offers a continuous steam with a flow rate of 180 g / min, as well as a pressure of 8 bar. It also includes an ultra-pressing function. Its 1.9-liter tank is removable, making it easy to fill.
  • The Rowenta RH9638WO broom vacuum cleaner for € 249 instead of the € 299 battery offered: with a removable 22V lithium battery, this vacuum cleaner provides 35 minutes of autonomy. If the appliance is to be light and compact, it has a large articulated arm for cleaning under the furniture. Son X-Force Flex broom ensures a constant suction and will be perfect to prevent allergies in the house.
  • The Rowenta RH9638WO vacuum cleaner with Aqua-head from € 269 to € 319.99: this time with an Aqua-head accessory provided, the Rowenta RH9638WO allows you to vacuum and wash at the same time. It also comes with an Animal kit, making it more versatile.
  • L’aspirateur-balai Rowenta RH9878WO at 329 € instead of 459 € with the battery provided: this Animal Kit version promises a thorough cleaning and better management of animal hair. Provides a range of 45 minutes and I understand a Boost trigger for embedded tasks. The LED screen allows easy power management.
  • Moulinex HF80C800 Companion XL robotic cooker from € 629 to € 799.99: ultra-complete, this multifunctional robot comprises 12 programs, 9 of which are automatic and is for a vegetable neckline. The 3 liter capacity meets the needs of an entire family. A fries office can be made thanks to Actifry Genius technology.
  • A Krups Evidence coffee machine from € 479 to € 599: a very high-end machine with an elegant design. It integrates a Quattro Force system designed to preserve the set of flavors. Its 15 presets and its pressure of 15 bars allow you to quickly prepare your favorite drinks.
  • Moulinex Equinox toaster for € 22.99 or € 39.90 instead: a double-slit toaster with a power of 900W. The device includes 7 custom levels and 3 automated functions. It can grill, but also defrost and heat. Made of stainless steel, this is a durable and sober-looking model.

Many more discounts will be discovered by July 19th. In addition, Rue du Commerce offers you various delivery options, as well as the possibility to pay 3 or 4 times. Depending on your choice, you will also be entitled to a 2-year warranty on your purchases.

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