dissatisfied, a former participant complains about the production

A restaurant, which participated in the “Nightmare in the Kitchen” with its two sisters, has filed a complaint against the production, dissatisfied with the consequences of the broadcast.

It will take more than ten years Nightmare in the kitchen cardboard on M6. At the helm of the show is Philippe Etchebest, the Basque-born chef who travels across France to help his struggling colleagues.

And in view of the well-tempered character of the one who is also part of the jury of Top Chef and of some restaurateurs who don’t lack a respondent either, the program served memorable sequences. Note when Philippe Etchebest peeks into the kitchens or oversees the evening or noon service.

Philippe Etchebest @ M6

In fact, three sisters who participated in the show in 2020 are among the highlights of the show. Remember, Séverine Aubert and her two twin sisters, Mylène and Mélanie, run a restaurant in Sénas, in the commune of Bouches-du Rhône. And their distinct profiles somewhat complicated the professional agreement. So they called on Philippe Etchebest to try to restore order in the establishment.

An initiative they regret

Only two years later, Melanie, who was in charge of the kitchen and said she was finally delegating the management of the restaurant to her little sisters, confessed thatshe would have preferred never to have resorted to production. This is during an interview with Tele-Loisirs that she expressed her feelings after participating in the show. And she didn’t do it in the language of wood.

According to Melanie, the exposure of her restaurant in the program would have had a negative impacthis personal professional life:

Two years later, we are still open, with a lot of traffic. There are still jealous people who leave us with bad opinions about Google egg TripAdvisorsaying that it is inedible, disgusting, and that one should be ashamed of having done it Nightmare in the kitchen. While they never came to eat there.

Deplored the one who obviously still keeps a close eye on the figures of the restaurant inherited from her parents. And to add:

We are even criticized on our physics. These are false accounts. You can see this by clicking on the profile, often there is only one subscriber. More about s’y fait. I know what I’m doing, all the good will I put into it.

Melanie is complaining about the production

Also, unhappy with all this bad publicity, Melanie decided to file a complaint against the production of Nightmare in the kitchen. Especially since her and her younger sisters’ requests were simply ignored:

As is often rebroadcast, it revives attacks on every show. And yet we did not do it for glory. The chief says so.

Melanie said:

It had been asked not to be broadcast. We didn’t want to make a fuss, just save our restaurant and improve our relationship with my sisters.

Philippe Etchebest and sister Aubert
Philippe Etchebest and the sun Aubert @ M6

An experience that the three sisters keep across their throats.

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