Do you know that les chats develop the same personality traits that the owners have ??

Avis aux amoureux des chats, your boule de poil could easily develop the same character traits. No, you are not dreaming.

According to a study by the University of Nottingham Trent and the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom on nearly 3,000 cats and their owners, cats can easily become accustomed to everyday life and could quickly imitate their behavior. of their master.

Does my cat know I love him?

In the magazine Plus one who published the study quoted by the site Slate, we learn that if you have a tendency to show anger, anxiety, depression, loneliness or fear, the cat may feel the same emotions.

Many homeowners consider their pets a family member and form close social ties with them. It is very possible that the pets will be affected by the way we do not interact with the two and we will not deal with them, and that the two factors are influenced in their turn by personality differences.Laura Finka, a researcher at the University of Nottingham Trend, told the Telegraph.

Your chat reproduces stress and anxiety

For his part, researcher Mark Farnworth added: “Increasingly, we are learning that the well-being of pets depends on the underlying nature of the owner, and simply on conscious decisions and behaviors.”

According to the study, most of the cats in the study who showed stress and anxiety belonged to people who also suffered from these ailments. Crazy, right?

We bet that now you will never see your hairball in the same way again. One thing is for sure, it only requires love.


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