Does Bielsa dream of Griezmann, a huge feeling to be expected for his future?

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A thunderous blow to Antoine Griezmann’s future? While all indications are that the French international will continue his career at Atlético Madrid, a bomb has just been dropped today by the Madrid daily As. Indeed, the latest evokes a potential surprise destination for “Grizou”.

Griezmann in Bilbao with Bielsa?

The newspaper claims that Marcelo Bielsa, the favorite for the post of coach of Iñaki Arechabaleta, one of the candidates for the presidency of Athletic Bilbao, would have made a very specific request to the latter: he would like to become World Champion 2018 the cornerstone of his new project. It remains to be seen whether this destination will enchant the native of Mâcon, especially since he is very attached to Real Sociedad, the rival club, where he spent nine years (2005-2014).

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While Marcelo Bielsa could return to Athletic Bilbao, he would dream of bringing Antoine Griezmann. The announcement, however, is complicated when the French international is very attached to Real Sociedad, the club’s rival.

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