Doubts. A dog shot in a champion at Arcey

On Monday night, in Arcey, a dog was found dead in a champion. The gendarmes suspect a criminal act. A veterinarian, who examined the animal, confirmed that the canine had a gunshot wound to the abdomen. So the beast (apparently a continental bulldog) was shot.

The dog escaped when its owner left for work

Following this barbaric act, an investigation was entrusted to the Commune Brigade (COB) of L’Isle-sur-le-Doubs. The poor animal had escaped on Monday morning as its owner was leaving for work. Having no news of his dog in the late afternoon, the resident had posted a search notice on social media.

“One of his neighbors contacted him again in the evening (around 8:15 pm) to tell him that he had just found a dog,” said Commander Nestor-Romain, head of the MontbĂ©liard gendarmerie company. A few hours later, the military made the findings on the spot. Investigations are being conducted to identify the perpetrator and understand under what circumstances the shooting occurred.

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