due to lack of kitchen staff, he has to postpone the opening of his restaurant in Mesnil Roc’h

It’s hard every year, but this year it’s hell“launches Régis Maillard, owner of the Petit Moulin du Rouvre, an establishment set up in a green haven in Mesnil-Roc’h in Ille-et-Vilaine. Like many hotel and restaurant managers, Régis Maillard had to recruit to ensure The summer season is in full swing. end of summer.

We’ve posted ads, but we don’t even get a resume

However, Régis Maillard has been looking for staff for many weeks “I’ve been looking for ads in Pôle Emploi since February, and on social media” explains the boss. But the finding is there “cIt’s not like we have resumes and we say to ourselves, I don’t like that one, nor this one. It’s just that you don’t have a resume at all“Regrets the Breton boss.

The hotel and restaurant sector, deeply upset since the health crisis

In the Petit Moulin du Rouvre area, Régis Maillard offers accommodation in guest rooms, tree-lined cabins or caravans. A reception room is reserved on weekends for weddings, and from mid-May, the restaurant with swimming pool allows guests to receive guests every evening from Monday to Friday. More than this opening has been postponed for several days, lack of commission and cook in the kitchen “I hope to have found the chef in the Paris region. But since the beginning of the season, we have already had three people who came and canceled at the last minute, so I hope that this time, what will be good“.

He always lacks a kitchen commission, more than the staff for the rooms. Régis Maillard is not alone in this situation since the health crisis. A period that has upset the hospitality and restaurant sectors “in our industry, we did not have the opportunity to telecommute during the crisis. The staff has done something else, reconverted, trained elsewhere, and today many of them do not want to go back to jobs where hours are not possible, where we work in the evenings, on weekends. The end“.

Positions to work from Monday to Friday, only in the evening

At the Petit Moulin du Rouvre, the staff who recruit Régis Maillard work from Monday to Friday, only in the evening “what are rather cool schedules for our sector, and we have the opportunity to log in “. With these arguments, the boss hopes to find the necessary staff to finally start his season!

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