Dupont Restauration is strengthening in Ile-de-France

Armor Cuisine is now owned by Dupont Restauration. The food delivery specialist, which has been overseen since 2006 by its chief executive Jean-Paul Albat (and the benefit of the capitalist support of BNP Paribas Développement), has actually passed into the hands of the collective catering group – which is accompanied by Crédit Mutuel Equity and Bpifrance. The buyer took advantage of the operation to further strengthen its position in Ile-de-France, where it already had about a hundred restaurants and three central kitchens (all based in the Yvelines). Located in Bobigny for a turnover of € 10 million, Amor Cuisine will continue to be operated operationally by the current executive’s assistant, Zeineb Pesnaux, in its new home. With this acquisition, Dupont Restauration confirms its interest in alternatives to mass catering such as delivery. I also continues to pursue its policy of external growth focused on small regional players – which had led it, for example, to buy Multi Restauration Méditerranée in 2019 in Provence, then Restauval, in the Great West, in 2020. The group totaled a figure € 250 million last year.

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