During his trial for damage to an insurance agency, a Nivernais threatened to set him on fire

There are sixty letters recommended to the insurer. And about twenty complaints filed with the prosecutor’s office. “I was beaten ten times. I was not killed, but very disabled. I paid for life accident insurance for twenty years. Now I want to be compensated. »

This tirade, delivered on Wednesday, May 11, in Nevers Correctional Court, immediately follows a statement from the president: “Attention, we are not here to judge your financial conflict with Groupama…” Obviously, the message did not pass .

Expertise in “a fake doctor”

Justice is indeed seizing other facts: damage done to the company’s Vauzellian agency. The septuagenarian admits to putting glue in the lock, tagging the windows with yellow paint, threatening to set fire to the premises and spreading powder on the fire extinguisher (both at the same time, c ‘ is a bit contradictory, right?)

The audience prevention proposal is just as decorative. He is suffering from ankylosing spondylitis. He clarifies the disease, but does not cite the connection that allegedly existed with the alleged assaults. And he bluntly accuses Groupama of making him an expert by “a fake doctor.”

As for the sponsor of the “Ten Beatings”, she is the daughter-in-law of a friend with multiple sclerosis whom he took care of. In addition, as a municipal police officer, she allegedly turned on him and then, with the complicity of gendarmes and civil servants, all the proceedings were blocked.

Nobody moves, the only solution I had was to provoke Groupama

His complaints were effectively dismissed. There is no evidence at the trial to explain this, as it is not the subject of the day. There is, however, a reading of his criminal record, which contains a conviction for abuse of power, including a ban on practicing the profession of personal assistance. Another version is coming…

In contrast, the septuagenarian continues to develop his conspiracy theory: “Nobody moves, the only solution I had was to provoke Groupama.” I want it to move forward, either you manage to get him to pay me € 50,000, or … ”.

“You’re going to be disappointed,” the president interrupted. “I’m not here for that.” The septuagenarian then said in a very calm tone, “Well, I’m going to set fire to Groupama.”

Six months suspended, “a warning sentence”

The public prosecutor is making pedagogical efforts. She advises the defendant to hire a lawyer and, if he cannot afford it, to go to a law firm. However, she does not neglect the potential danger of the character and acknowledges her incendiary remarks by the clerk.

The president is serving a “warning sentence”: six months probation. “I hope you’ve heard everything you’ve been told,” he warns. “If there are new facts, it will happen to me. And I will not hesitate to revoke this suspension. Did you understand? »

The septuagenarian replied, “Yes, yes. And how do I get a refund?” ».

Bertrand Yverault


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