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Florian Delambily, Editor of News Assurances Pro.

Les Français ont tranché en vif et redus à néant nume d’ambitions par votement au vote dans la second round of legislative elections. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who had called on voters to elect him prime minister, will remain on Matignon’s doorstep. Emmanuel Macron, who was aiming for an absolute majority, is likely to be a composer with the Republicans. But most of all, the far right, under the banner of the National Rally, is making a smashing breakthrough in the House and becoming, outside the coalition of circumstances, the leading opposition force in the National Assembly. Les Français is not “correctionnent plus”, it is “dynamite”.

30 days max

For its part, the insurance sector is already assured of losing one of its interlocutors to the government. 30 days after the nomination, Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister of Health and Prevention, is getting ready to do her shopping. Along with Amélie de Montchalin, Minister for the Ecological Transition and Justine Bénin, Secretary of State for the Sea, she is one of the three government figures to have lost in the second tournament. No seat in the National Assembly, no chair around the table of the Council of Ministers according to the instructions enacted in principle by Emmanuel Macron at the launch of the legislative campaign. Bruno Le Maire, a tenant of Bercy, had not rubbed shoulders with the voters and could therefore save his head.

Who will replace Brigitte Bourguignon avenue Duquesne? The whole question remains. What will Emmanuel Macron’s program on health issues look like? It was already not very clear at the time of the presidential campaign. The fragmentation of the political game adds even more uncertainty. Especially since Republicans have another asset up their sleeve to negotiate reforms. They have a majority in the Senate.

Behind the scenes, lobbying also promises to be complex in the face of a relative majority. The misalignment of the executive and the legislature opens an unprecedented period of the synchronization of the presidential and legislative elections in 2002. In the coming weeks they are preparing “Sleepless nights, migraines…” nervous breakdowns “as they say nowadays”.

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