European leaders perform a live meal at the World Peace Center

“It was one of Prince Rainier III’s favorite dishes,” smiled Christian Garcia, Monaco’s royal family chef. For this last day of festivities, the World Peace Center welcomes chefs from leaders and royal families around the world. Among them are Christian Garcia, head chef of the Royal Family of Monaco, and Franck Panier, chef of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

On the menu for this one-and-a-half-hour master class: a pikeperch fillet with grimaldi-style macaroni asparagus asparagus. A European and local dish. “We have selected products that come from the region. There is both a Mediterranean touch for fish but also a Luxembourgish touch with the wine sauce of the Grand Duchy, ”shares Christian Garcia in public.

Guillaume Gomez, a former chef at the Elysée and a one-year ambassador for French gastronomy, was also present. “The kitchen is very important in diplomacy. If guests eat well, naked discussions can only be good. »

Chefs’ tips

Both leaders gave their advice to, for example, avoid wastage. “In the kitchen, the rule is that we don’t throw anything away. For the zucchini that we will use to make a brunoise, we can keep the flower and steam it at the same time, ”explains Franck Panier, chef of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. “Meat or fish should always be fed during cooking,” adds Christian Garcia.

Cooking, seasoning, neat dressing. Les deux chefs cuisiniers made all the stages of this dish with the help of Alain-Fournier high school students, who repeated the European menu on the eve. “Comme nous avant eux, the notion of transmission in the kitchen is fundamental,” said chef Christian Garcia. After more than an hour of preparation, the gastronomic dish is presented to the public who are eager to taste it.

Last step: service. But is it French or English? “In royal families, we keep the traditions. We still serve in fine silverware. In Monaco, the dish is brought and presented through a valet, the guests must serve themselves. This is the French service. The one on the plate is English, ”concludes Christian Garcia enthusiastically.

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