Expert Règleur (H/F) Na,tes TELLIANT Nantes CDI

Le groupe Stelliant, leader of services à l’assurance, has more than 2,800 employees spread throughout France.

Depuis more than 30 years, we accompany our clients in risk management, risk prevention and post-disaster solutions. An experience that we mettons à profit des particuliers, des entreprises et des actors de la construction en France et à l’international.

Our mission is to help our clients prevent their risks, manage them, intervene, assist and repair. We apportons une réponse simple à la complexity. For this, we propose a wide range of services for insurance, expert services and complementary solutions to respond to all problems and all the little ones.

The sense of service, team spirit, the will to undertake and to be bold through passion are the strong values ​​of the Stelliant group. Elles nous allow today to have a solid group, tour vers l’avenir avec o belle ambition.

Our recruitment policy is committed to the integration of workers with disabilities.

As an expert, you are mandated by insurance companies to carry out expert missions chez des particuliers and professionals.
Vous furnissez une prestation intellectuelle to allow an insurer to proceed à l’indemnisation de son assured.

Rattaché(s) au Responsable de Bureau, vos principales missions sont de couvrir le sector de Niort.
– Identifier les causes et les circumstances du sinistre

– Build a relationship of trust with the sinister through listening and tailored information

– Recueillir toutes les informations nécessaires à la comprehension des faits

– Verification of the exact circumstances and the consistency of the statements of the engaged parties;

– Detects anomalies between the finding and the declaration and possible frauds;

– Prendre au regard des risques d’aggravation matérielle et financière du sinistre les mesures de sauvegarde adaptades,

– Identifier l’origine du sinistre et révéler les responsabilités des parties.

– Applyer les contrats / conventions d’assurance et instructions clients.

– Determines from the analysis of the causes and the champion of guarantees of employment actions,

– Detects the conventional or legal orientation, plus pertinent to the situation;

Ingénieur Bac BAC+2 / 3 DUT/ IUP Bâtiment pour faire des dossiers multi spécialistes,

You are autonomous and faithful, proof of effective personal organization,
You have a good spirit of analysis and synthesis,

Are you interested in the legal field,

You are a pedagogue and you have a sense of service,

You have excellent interpersonal and communication skills,
You want you to invest in a demanding profession and integrer a group leader in the sector of expertise in assurance.
Alors votre place est parmi nous!

STELLIANT (CA 260 M€), has more than 2500 collaborators divided into several agencies or subsidiaries covering the national and international territory.

Le groupe est leader in expertise and services around insurancee et is structured around 6 activities: expertize dommages et risques d’entreprise et specialités, expertise construction, disaster management, réparation en nature et recherche de fuites et decontamination.

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