Family booklet, restaurant tickets, insurance, tax return … The changes planned for this month of June 2022

Evolution of the family booklet

The Official Gazette published an order in early May revealing the new model family booklet. Since yesterday, he has been “taking into account medically assisted procreation, the new rule of choice of name, the reform of adoption, the identity of children born without life and the death certificate of adult children.” Nevertheless, municipalities can still offer old models until the stock is discovered.

Maintaining the ceiling of restaurant titles

Regarding your restaurant tickets, their ceiling is set at 38 euros and is maintained until June 30. «The use of restaurant vouchers on weekends and holidays and is also possible until June 2022 “, States the Official Journal. For supermarkets or grocery stores, however, the ceiling remains at 19 euros.

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Revenue statement to be completed by June 8 for certain departments

The month of June is also marked by the tax return. As a reminder, penalties may be assigned to taxpayers in case of delay.« Dwellings in departments no. 01 and no. 54 have already completed the declarations, several of them from departments no. 55 to 976 to June 8 to cope », Develops CNews.

No disbursement costs for the insurance changer

As of June 1, 2022, the borrower’s insurance, which guarantees the coverage of all or part of the repayment terms of a loan, may be terminated free of charge and at any time. This concerns new loans. The measure will be applied to contracts in force on 1 September.

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