Fiji Ruiz: His chat touched with Covid-19? His amazing confidences

For several days, Fiji, recently married to Anas, has been very interested in his son’s conversation. Today again, when little chicken had just been taken to the vet, the famous influencer said: “My little chicken went to the vet… He’s pooping blood.” I hope it’s nothing serious. He left there 20/30 minutes ago and too bald… When I got him back after two days of disappearance, he shit naked. It’s still pretty scratchy. Moi je me suis dit qu’il s’iétait fichu entre des grillages des trucs comme ça. But there shit of blood yesterday and shit of blood this morning. So I’ll tell you what about the vet. I hope it’s not serious. »

Fiji Ruiz: His little chicken is hospitalized!

Only here, a few hours later, when she left to retrieve her cat, says too the little chicken, at the vet Fiji learned that he had Covid-19! Didn’t you think it was possible? Neither do we! That’s why she gave more explanations later in her story. After she was reseignée on the web, she said: “It’s possible that a cat will catch the Covid, but it’s not the Covid that we can catch.” It is another derivative of Covid so we at home are not afraid of anything, we could not catch it. »

Before concluding: “Covid has no positive steps. Just my cat they took a blood sample from him, they took out a platelet on which there were several detectable viruses and they put his blood on the platelet and only the Covid came out. Basically I could have treated him at home but they tried to give it to her and she spat it all out. The poor thing at this moment must be too lost, so he kept it for three days under infusion! » The decision! Hopefully the Fiji cat will get back on its feet quickly! The story is available a little above in the article.

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