Firminy. Dogs barking, riverside saturating on the Chemin du Pinay

Dogs that bark very regularly, day and night… this is not uncommon but the nuisance can quickly become very heavy and irritating depending on the frequency and intensity of barking.

This is what happens on the Pinay side, at the Firminy exit. Between six and eight hunting dogs are parked in the back of a business zone. Directly nearby with the Trott’Chazotte hiking trail overlooking the village of Chazeau. And especially not far from the houses of the Chemin du Pinay and the subdivision.

“You can’t sleep with the windows open, it’s infernal”

A situation that has lasted for more than a year and that the locals can’t stand anymore: “Right now, it’s hot, we want to sleep with the windows open or we want to enjoy the outdoors in the evening, but it’s hell, we don’t maybe step. Impossible to even eat with friends on the terrace on the weekends, it’s non-stop ”. “There’s no question of spending a summer with …

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