Foot OL – OL: Tolisso back, miracle number 2 on the way! – Olympique Lyonnais

Alexandre Lacazette’s return to Olympique Lyonnais has given wings to OL supporters, who are now waiting for Corentin Tolisso to imitate his former teammate and return home.

OL started its transfer market with a big bang by getting signed Alexandre Lacazette until 2025, the Arsenal striker was released without hesitation for a long time before accepting an offer from his training club as several European clubs held out their arms to him. Once this case is settled, Jean-Michel Aulas and his chief negotiator, Vincent Ponsot, working on another case, that of Corentin Tolisso. They have been free of the entire contract since leaving Bayern Munich, the 27-year-old midfielder and it has not been defined when he will play next season, especially the one who left Lyon in 2017 for 41.5 million euros. it is a very hot track from l’OL. It’s been months since this return of Coco is in the air, the Rhone leaders had even talked about it on the last day of the winter market, but this time the pieces of the puzzle are put in place.

Corentin Tolisso and Lyon, it’s under discussion!

If multiple Lyon insiders, on condition of anonymity, confirm that Corentin Tolisso’s signature is imminent, which is to be taken with tweezers at a time when quite a few people call themselves market specialists, Fabien Guyon, journalist and columnist for France Bleu Montpellier, is also quite optimistic about the possibility of the venue of the field environment, but he remains cautious. ยซ OL continues talks with Corentin Tolisso. The 27-year-old, who is highly coveted abroad (Arsenal, MUFC, Fenerbahรงe), is thinking about his future, but does not rule out the idea of โ€‹โ€‹a return to Lyon. JM Aulas and Alexandre Lacazette try to convince him Fabien Guyot announces that the negotiations between the Tolisso clan and Olympique Lyonnais have been confirmed. On the Groupama Stadium side, pe crosses his fingers while waiting for the reconstitution of the Lacazette-Tolisso duo.

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