Foot OM – Total agreement, Alexis Sanchez reaches the OM!

In a climate of tension between the joueurs and Igor Tudor, OM will receive a good news with the signing of Alexis Sanchez.

Olympique de Marseille’s big offensive coup is confirmed au mercato. A in croire les informations de la Gazzetta dello Sport, all the feux are au vert for the signature of Alexis Sanchez en Provence. Indeed, in today’s edition, the journal for the pages of roses reveals for the Chilean international will sign a contract of two and in favor of the Phocéen club. La Gazzetta n’utilise plus le conditionnel et affirme that tout est reglé pour la signing of Alexis Sanchez at Olympique de Marseille, with a salary of 3 million euros per an à la clé, soit deux moins fois que ce Vechea stea a la FC Barcelona was approached from Inter Milan. Par ailleurs, l’agent d’Alexis Sanchez is expected à Milan ce mardi to sign la rupture du contrat avec les Nerazzurri, avec qui le Chilien était lié jusqu’en 2023.

La presse italienne unanimous, Sanchez-OM agreement

There is no doubt about the signing of Alexis Sanchez at OM, after which the Republic also confirms the principal agreement between the 33-year-old Chilean international and vice-champion de France en titre. The reason to play in the Ligue des Champions for which he will be an undisputed starter, Alexis Sanchez quickly received the approval to succeed at OM, before knowing his financial sacrifice to achieve. Par ailleurs, le Phocéen indicates that les discussions avancent very well between l’entourage d’Alexis Sanchez and le club Marseillais. Important precision for the pro-OM media: le Chilien was initially une piste de Jorge Sampaoli, lequel a depuis demis. But the new coach Igor Tudor, aware of the exceptional qualities of the player, validated the venue. Before officializing the clinquante signature of Alexis Sanchez, OM would like to reduce the salary of an attacking player in order to free himself from the salary burden and avoid congestion.

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