Football England – Cristiano Ronaldo slips, Ten Hag est écoeuré

Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo are expected to part ways in the coming days. Le Portugais souhaite même quitter les Red Devils avant dimanche.

Partition, partition step? The future of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United is encore très flou. The Ballon d’Or quintuple want to leave, and d’ici dimanche. Mais le Portugais n’a pas pléthore de propositions jusqu’à maintenant. His age (37 years) and his enormous salary (17 million euros per year) do not necessarily motivate us. In attendant de savoir s’il finda or non chaussure à son pied, Cristiano Ronaldo se retrouve dans l’oeil du cyclone à Manchester. Because l’ancien du Real Madrid does not necessarily behave de manière très professionnelle with English club. After arriving late in Manchester United’s training, Ronaldo was coach, Erik Ten Hag, lors from the meeting with Rayo.

Ronaldo, la goutte de trop!

Sorti par le Néerlandais, CR7 a quitté le stade avant même at the end of la rencontre. De quoi faire polemique. Interrogé sur le sujet par le media Viaplay SportTen Hag didn’t come close to publicly tackling Ronaldo. “Acceptor? Absolutely step. It is unacceptable. Je leur dis ceci, c’est unacceptable. We are a team, we are a team. You must rester jusqu’à la fin », he was tipped by Erik Ten Hag, who also saw Diogo Dalot, and especially that he is set for Old Trafford. The difficulties after this new exit of the imaginary Ronaldo continue at Manchester United. Among the clubs potentially interested in CR7, Napoli or Encore Atlético Madrid are evoked. Agent son Jorge Mendes should multiply contacts with certain teams to take the temperature. If Ronaldo wants to play in a team that competes in the next Ligue des champions, son, but is also to arrive in great shape for the next Coupe du monde.

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