For investors, wealthy or not, the euro fund is resisting, News / Savings Analysis

Some distributors do not like the fact that euro life insurance funds were well received at the beginning of this year, according to the Nortia Independent Financial Advisory Observatory, which has established more than 1,200 advisors in wealth management (CGP).

According to this quarterly survey, the distribution of the gross collection in life insurance operated by the CGPs was mainly oriented towards euro media during the period January-March. While in the previous quarter, 60% of the collection was made on the CUs, the latter fell to 42% in the first quarter, with 58% being placed in euro funds.

Le fonds euro, defensive position par excellence

Scorched by the war in Ukraine, the gloomy international economic outlook, and the changing tone of central banks – wealth management professionals have favored security over their clients’ life insurance flows.

« Despite lower returns than inflation, they continue to find the public in these phases of risk-off markets.Philippe Parguey, CEO of Nortia, replaces. Defensive position par excellence, the euro funds ensure undecided investors and risk phobias face the current global environment. In this sense, due to the sharp decline in markets, with the CAC 40 showing -6.89% in Q1 2022, the CGPs have turned more to these media to secure the portfolios of customers, and in parallel the accounts have been popular. securities, valued for their flexibility during volatility. »

Prudent trade-offs that are not found only in affluent investors offering CGP services. The same phenomenon is observed on the scale of all holders of life insurance contracts: in March, the gross collection of media in euros (€ 600 million) was higher than that of UCs (€ 500 million). ). ), reported France Assurances.

Caution should be exercised in the second quarter, and euro funds continue to benefit, when aversion risks remaining dominant among operators and fears of a global recession are great.

UCs carry the net collection of life insurance

On the “stock” however, no major reversal of the trend, since in the “net”, the units of account continue to gain ground to the detriment of euro funds.

For several years now, distributors’ offers have focused on risky media, and the mandatory secured purse tends to improve in new contracts, while older ones, sometimes invested entirely in euro funds, are liquidated by their holders. retirees.

La Pierre always at the top

A tangible, sustainable and inflation-friendly asset, real estate remains one of the favorite investments of investors at the beginning of the year. Among CGPs, this asset class accounted for more than a quarter of UC’s gross revenue (26%), up from 17.3% in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to the Independent Financial Advisory Observatory.

“La pierre papier has shown its resilience over the last two years and it is quite logical that investors will cry when the markets are shaken, see Adrien Lhermitte, Nortia’s director of engineering. In the first quarter, real estate is presented as an excellent support for securing portfolios, in addition to euro funds. »

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