Four good reasons to choose insurance jobs

From our casa în mașină in pas, pele-mêle, by our personal belongings, our holidays, our family, our health more also our old days and even our investments finances, the insurances support us on a daily basis in the smallest aspects of our life . So many protections that make this sector of business an essential pillar of our society. So why not add your stone to the building by joining the industry? Here are four arguments you can make …

Because we put ourselves at the service of others

Insurance is, in essence, at the service of others. The whole sector aims to protect individuals and businesses from the vagaries of life but also to support them in their projects. According to data from the sector, some 187 billion euros of contributions have been redistributed to policyholders in 2020 under this essential protection.

To an imperative of support and prevention is added a commitment to the customer relationship, after which 90% of insurance companies are often small businesses located throughout the territory.

Insurance is essentially at the service of others – IStock / City Press

Because the industry offers a variety of professions

The supply chain offers countless professional opportunities for all profiles. More than 140 trades are in fact grouped within the four areas of expertise, which are insurance companies, brokerage, assistance companies and general insurance agencies. Examples include the customer service manager who advises, negotiates and concludes the sale of contracts, the lawyers who meet the needs of the companies or the damage experts who intervene directly in the calculation of compensation in the event of a claim.

In the field of insurance, the account manager must be involved in the management of clients’ portfolios, while the assistants are employees of animators, staff, technicians, but also nurses and other regulators.

More than 140 trades are grouped within insurance companies
More than 140 trades are brought together within the insurance companies – IStock / City Presse

Craft plots are accessible to all

The diversity of the insurance professions will obviously go hand in hand with a plurality of training. Customer-oriented positions are, for example, accessible with a BTS Assurance, Operational Business Management (BTS MCO) or Négociation et digitalisation relation client (BTS NDRC). Bachelors (BUT) Marketing Techniques, Legal Careers or Business Management, continued for 3 years, allow to be claimed to a wider range of professions.

In addition, the various licenses and master specials promise to acquire real expertise in the field of your choice (economics, commerce, law, banking …). Highly popular, work-study training is also very successful in the industry and promotes faster employability of young graduates.

Various licenses and specialized masters who promise to acquire a real expertise in the field of sound choice
Various specialized licenses and master’s degrees that guarantee true choice sound expertise – IStock / City Presse

Because the industry is (really) dynamic

Insurance does not know the crisis! More critical than ever, the industry recruited more than 16,000 people in 2019 and nearly 15,000 in 2020 despite the pandemic, according to the Observatory on the Development of Insurance Businesses, which focuses on employment among members. of the French Insurance Federation.

There are more than 149,000 workers in employment, 60% of whom are women, given that 50% of those recruited are under 30 years of age. The global workforce also rises to around 255,000 professionals when you add actors affiliated with the Mutualité française and the Center technique des institutions de prévoyance.

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