France: an uncontrollable dog killed by a gendarme

The incident took place this Tuesday, May 10, in front of the gendarmerie group in Châlons-en-Champagne.

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This Tuesday, May 10, around 9:30 a.m., a resident of the Schmit neighborhood was walking with her dog, a Spaniel, on Avenue du Général-Sarrail in Châlons (Franţa), according to our colleagues in the Union. She was suddenly attacked by two Malinois in the gendarmerie. This 66-year-old lady fell upside down as one of the two Malinois grabbed her spaniel by the throat. Two gendarmes wanted to separate the two dogs.

Impossible. The molosser would not loosen his vise from his victim’s neck. One of the two gendarmes had to shoot him to save the spaniel. The aggressor dog was killed. The owner of the two Malinois then arrived to control his second dog.

Injured but alive, the spaniel was taken to a veterinarian. Her mistress, who was hit in the back in the fall, was taken by fire to the hospital.

According to initial findings, the two Malinois escaped from a yard near the gendarmerie while their owner was working on the gate. An investigation has been opened.

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