Frédéric Vardon: the portrait of a nature lover

In the heart of the golden triangle, on the 6th floor of a Haussmannian building, the 39 V, in twelve years, has become the perched address of the rooftops of Paris. At the head of this place conducive to disconnection, exchange and simple culinary pleasures, Chef Frédéric Vardon, a Michelin-starred star and successful restaurant, has only one happy motive: the respect for products. Portrait

Frédéric Vardon has been living at 39 George V Avenue for 12 years. It is at this address that every noon and every evening, it brings together lovers of fine dining in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Recently renovated by Raphaël Navot, on 39 V cultivates a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. “My wish was to have a timeless, feminine and organic establishment, I wanted to create a place to live for sharing. For this, a multitude of craftsmen and materials were used in this renovation. “We wanted to make the most of the material. It was important for me to be a place of comfort where people like to hang out. Because for this chef who grew up between Paris and Normandy, “cooking is about love and sharing.”

The kitchen could be a testament to Chef Vardon, his butcher parents and a family of farmers, the young Frédéric dreamed of a career in the countryside, in agricultural fields next to his cows. “I wanted to be a farmer, I’m passionate about farming, I’m a cow lover, and most of all, I have a lot of respect for farmers who are just there for us and to feed us. »

Eventually, this lover of the land decides to swap the fields against the Ferrandi cooking school, he learns cooking and makes his weapons with Alain Chapel in the three-star brigade of Mionnay before joining the teams ofAlain Ducasse as a chef. “I worked for 4 leaders, all 4 took the humility and respect from each other, I was lucky because I only worked for good people. In all honesty, I don’t know if I’ve worked for great leaders, but I do know that I’ve worked for great men. »

Eighteen years after working alongsideAlain DucasseFrédéric Vardon creates Corfu, a French investment fund specializing in catering and gastronomy.

For the chef who has lived at 39 V since 2010, cooking is first and foremost a way to please, “it’s fun and sharing, no one will make you eat to bother you”

In his kitchens, Chef Vardon cultivates the simplicity of his plates, which he mixes with a great respect for seasonality. Simple cooking is only one thing that matters to us: the product. If it’s good quality, all you have to do is cook it well. ”

Nowadays, in the kitchen trend, the restaurant invites you to rethink the origin and durability of the products, Frédéric Vardon admits that he did not wait for “that it is fashionable” to make efforts to do so “in my kitchens, we We have a composter, all our organic waste is composted. It’s not new since I’ve been in charge of my kitchens it’s our responsibility, that’s why we’ve never had a la carte fish names because we do sustainable fishing, we let’s buy our fish based on what our fishermen have. »`

After 30 years of career, Frédéric Vardon’s ambitions are to pass on to the people with whom he works “I am, for future great cooks, the generation that tells them the story, that will give them anecdotes, solid foundations for ‘they’re talking, today I’m trying to get the hang of it.’

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