Gabon: a battle to end the dog-killing panther in Iboundji

The panther killer dogsIboundji, again showed up last night by killing the dog of the area brigade commander.

In fact, the inhabitants of this commune, located in the department ofOffoué OnoyeIn the province of Ogooué Lolo, a dog-killing panther has been under attack for almost 2 months.

It’s tonight (taller) around 8 p.m., the panther appeared at the Brigade Commander’s laundry room where his dog was sleeping. He assaulted her and took her body, ” indicate our source on the spot.

Authorities have decided to organize a fight to stop the deadly attacks of cats that could also attack humans.

“It simply came to our notice thenIboundji are in the brigade to bolster the gendarmerie team to patrol all night. We are going to trap her with a dog in order to get rid of her. Nwe are really insecure. The beast sows terror here, at starting at 7pm or 8pm ”.

Get rid of this panther’s attacks, Iboundji is considered the village of all evils. We note a road obsolete. Travel is synonymous with the way of the cross. Today, the main road is no longer used by users, who prefer to use forest roads, to join Koulamoutou. The lack screaming of electricity, facilitates the nocturnal operations of wild animals. The telephone network of the mobile operator Airtel Gabon sometimes disappears for days. And to top it all off, there is no drinking water in the city.

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